If you need boxed lunches put together for a school field trip or a smaller event, we can fill them with savory cold-cut sandwiches. We'll bring the boxed lunches to your location on the day of the event or you can pick them up from our restaurant.

Do you need a large amount of food catered? Are you looking to get away from the cold-cut sandwiches? We cater full pans of Italian food from our menu, as well. You can customize your order with anything on our menu. Order as much as you please.

We have servers, utensils, plates and drinks available, too.

Hire us today to cater your next event or party.

Why schedule our catering services?

Why schedule our catering services?

Choose us to cater your event because:

  • It will reduce your stress and responsibilities
  • It will set a positive tone at your event
  • It will save you time and money
  • We'll clean up when your event is done
  • We have a large menu of quality foods
  • We offer pick-up and delivery options

Contact us today to schedule food catering services for your next event.